To those with octane in their veins,

Some of you may be familiar with us and our work. The Stapleton Family Tree was watered with motor oil. Cliff Stapleton’s Garage is the product of three generations of Automotive businesses. Our story began with Carl “Clifford” Stapleton and his life long goal to stick his foot through the floor pan of a Mopar. Clifford began with a small repair shop and cemented his love for the automotive industry when he carved out an automotive salvage yard that has grown to be one of the largest in Southeastern Ohio; Clifford’s Auto Parts. Clifford has been pushing the Mopar brand and building his collection of cars ever since; the business has become a staple in growing the Stapleton name, in the local economy, and in helping us move the third generation business forward! Clifford, now in his 70s, still answers the phone every time it rings at the salvage yard and has been known to pull customers’ parts when his contractors do not work as fast as he feels they should.

The next chapter in this story is Carl Clifford Stapleton II or “Cliff”. Cliff has always enjoyed speed as much as the next Stapleton and is likely still only alive because his love of family outweighed his love to build the fastest set of wheels on the road. Cliff has been bending and shaping metal to his will since he was old enough to start a car. He is generous to a fault, and our reputation is built largely on his high quality work and higher quality integrity. Cliff was always content with keeping himself a small operation which has kept his work hidden to the few lucky enough to stumble out Bladen Road searching for their next ride.

Enter me, Clifford “Alex” Stapleton. With a business marketing background and a childhood in the garage and salvage yard, I fell in love with the art my dad – Cliff – put into the world unknown to the masses. The world was being robbed of his talents, so we sat down and put the new version of “Cliff Stapleton’s Garage” in motion. Now the business continues to grow at a high rate from month to month based on three generations of Stapleton businesses, faith in God, honesty, and maintaining quality of work. We are thrilled to increase employee and customer numbers as we bring in new members to the Stapleton family!

Here we are, two years into the business revamp, and we are receiving requests for more engagement with our customers in the form of how-to videos, pro tip articles, and information on the products we use based on consistent interest in the things going on here at the shop. From the interest was this idea born; starting with this article we will be updating our blog weekly.  These posts will range from product recommendations to showing off members of our team. If there are any topics you would like for us to cover, we will open the inbox for suggestions as well!

Thank you for being a part of our story, our business, and most importantly our family! We look forward to continuing to grow with all of you!


Clifford “Alex” Stapleton


Cliff Stapleton’s Garage