I am sure by now most of you have heard the tales of the mythical strength of Elon Musk’s cyber-truck, well it has gone on long enough. We are here to set parts of the record straight. In this now iconic video the Tesla from back to the future hooks up with an Aluminum F-150 and then proceeds to easily pack the Ford seemingly uphill without chirping a tire. I want to break this down a bit though;

1. The Ford would weigh substantially less, while there are no confirmed numbers on the CT’s weight yet we can guess from the Tesla SUV that the CT has the F-150 by a few hundred pounds anyways,

2. The Ford seems to be in Rear Wheel Drive. Notice how the front wheels never seem to grab for traction? I smell a cheater… With the weight on the already light F-150 sitting over the front wheels, the lack of 4×4 meant the fight was over before it began. All Tesla proved here is the Cybertruck is a bit chunky and electric motors excel in putting torque to the ground. None of these are news.


Let’s be clear, if you are looking for a futuristic style truck that you can show off to your friends and co-workers while also going with a more environmentally friendly option (assuming you have solar at home to charge it) then by all means we won’t look down on you for driving one. However, if you want to brag about tow capacity, and torque, go find yourself a nice one-ton to hook up to, and don’t expect them to leave it in RWD.